Lagavulin Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish Distillers Edition

Okay okay, I know I’m not one for blogging about stuff you can’t really get hold of but there are three distilleries I really like and Lagavulin is one of them, I seek it out in older bottles of White Horse and the 16 is one of my all time favourites so when I was given a couple of drams worth by a friend I had a dram then another and then went to bar and found it on a shelve and finished off my notes so here we go.

On the Nose I get smoke and heat and it takes a while for those to relax, I get Germoline, Pear drops, sherry and rum and, and those who know me might laugh at this, White Horse.

Taste wise and yeah I’ll admit it’s perhaps not for beginners, Smoke, salt and chilli, chocolate, nuttiness, smoked fish or Cullen Skink perhaps, it’s magic, it’s like eating a piece of smoked haddock with a poached egg and smoked crispy bacon.

Finish wise and it’s rum and sherry again with some wonderful heat, dark chocolate and smoke.

It’s a beautiful drink and if you can find it then snap it up or if paying over eighty pounds for a bottle of whisky then search out the normal Distilleries Edition or try and grab a dram at your local whisky bar.

Oh and a quick note, it’s bottled at 43% and doesn’t take water at all well.

The Captain.

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