Glen Orrin Blended Malt Whisky

Another one from the Aldi stable, don’t worry only another one to go, unless of course you’re loving these, if you are drop me a line and I’ll keep going.

The Glen Orrin Blended Malt is a five year Blended or vatted Malt and I’ll be honest it took a while for me to like this, I’d go so far as to say that I wasn’t even going to review it at all after a few drams, I don’t like doing reviews of whisky I don’t like I just feel I’m trolling plus whisky is a personal taste thing, I’ll review what I like, in both senses of that phrase and I’ll leave the insults to others.

When drinking whisky either for the purpose of review or for simple pleasure I always take a few steps as part of my whisky ritual, do you have one of these? Let me know if you do. I have a video here of what I like to do, check it out.

Anyway the other thing I do is try a whisky over a week or two, some whiskies don’t like being in a bottle and don’t taste great from the off and never in the hundreds of whiskies I’ve tried over the years has a whisky changed so much as the Glen Orrin Blended Malt.

I only persevered with this because it’s won awards and the first few goes of this for me tasted like a young harsh spirit, like a grappa and I was annoyed that I was missing something so I left it a week and hummed and hawed over it, finding the odd review and talking to people who had tried it on a few forums, everyone liked it, maybe it just wasn’t for me?

A week after opening and a quarter of the bottle gone and finally the whisky opens up, the harsh nose and taste has disappeared and the whisky has become what I hoped it could become.

On the nose, light, a touch of caramel and wood, I’d say bourbon casks are in play here as I get a little Vanilla, burnt sugar, coconut ice and some faint whiff of pipe tobacco.

Taste wise I’m getting the usual suspects from both Bourbon and Sherry barrels, a rich textured whisky which if it was another few years older would be a truly excellent dram. Nutmeg, raisins soaked in sherry and buttered toast are the flavours which come to fore.

It’s a fairly quick finish, rich and with a hint of Lavender and chilli oil, there is some heat there, sometimes that young spirit comes back and bites you but I dare say with ice this would be a very smooth dram indeed.

For me this isn’t a mixer it’s a sipping whisky meaning it needs to stand above the standard Aldi whiskies and it does although I would recommend opening the bottle a few days before you plan on drinking it.

The Captain.

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