Cocktail of the week or month or something

This is a new thing I’m doing which will probably last about a month then I’ll give up and go back to moaning.

I love cocktails and seeing as the summer is here for a day or two I thought I’d share this.

A Lemonade Ice lolly
Lemonade or Soda Water, not much if you want a small glass more if you want a tall glass.
Whisky, you can choose how much and what.
A little Ginger, the stuff that comes in tubes that you can squeeze into something.
A little Honey

Add a few drops of bitters to a glass and swirl around the glass with a cube of ice, I would also chill the glass before discarding the cube covered in bitters.

Throw in all the other stuff into a blender and blitz until smooth,

Put ice in glass.

Put slush from blender into glass

Top up with either Apple juice or lemonade.


The Captain.

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