Talisker Storm

Strange, I’ve just finished the bottle, saluted another fallen soldier and then realised I haven’t bothered reviewing this so here goes.

This is also my first Talisker review which is also strange because I love Talisker, I’ve had four so far, the Ten year old, the Eighteen, the Twenty Five and now the Storm.

Storm is one of the new NAS range so might put people off but I really enjoyed this, bottled at 45.8% because you know they can and is a milder version of the Ten.

Nosing this and you can’t escape that Talisker hit, salt, pepper and smoke it’s something that never leaves you but this is milder than the Ten and may disappoint some, I get Germoline and a sort of Play Doh but one that’s been soaked in spirit and it’s nice, a little drop of pear drop and cough sweets when the bottle has been opened a couple of weeks.

Tasting this is smoother than the Ten, I mention the Ten because it’s price comparable at £30-£40, more salt, smoke and wood and a nice fiery heat, I like chilli notes in my whisky and this hits the spot.

It has a decent finish too, more chilli, wood and I picked out a little sweetness too.

Over all this is lovely but it’s pricey, it’s standard price is £40 which is the same as the Ten and I’d be buying the Ten over this but it’s often floating around £30 on offer so I’d wait until then before picking up a bottle because it’s worth £30 of anyone’s money.

The Captain.

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