Highland Black 8 year old Blended Whisky

Highland Black 8 year old is a blend I picked up myself from Aldi a couple of months back and I’ve done the bottle now so thought as I’m doing a series on Aldi whisky that I’d throw this in too.

Highland Black has been wining awards for a while now but it took me a while to pick up a bottle and I have to say that for the price and what it’s up against it’s a winner.
Little side note here, when you buy this whisky do one of two things with it, either open the bottle pour a dram and then leave the lid off for a bit to let the air in before leaving it a couple of days or better yet decant it and leave it a week, it improves no end.
On the nose we have some nice summer fruits, strawberries and gooseberry jam spring to mind and there is also some vanilla and a touch of all spice. There is also a baked bread scent.
Taste wise and I was surprised at how rich and malty this was, baked apple and summer fruit pie, honey and a little wood.
The finish is relatively short and sweet but nice enough, fruity and warm with a smoothness that you’d perhaps expect for an 8 year old blend.
Overall this is a winner, as it’s only £12.99 for a bottle I’d say it’s probably alongside the Islay Single Malt for value for money and taste experience, £13 will buy you a bottle of Bell’s or Famous Grouse if you’re lucky and this outstrips them by a country mile.
The lower end of the Blend market is getting pretty tight, whisky is running out and we’ve already seen the standard of many whiskies fall in recent years so to find a supermarket blend this good and for this price you’d be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you don’t try this.

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  1. I'd have to say that Aldi's “Highland Earl” 1L for £15.49 is better than the “Highland Black 8 Year” 700ml for £12.99.

    But that's just my opinion, I do know good whiskey though.
    And was surprised at the lack of balance with the “Highland Black”.

    Go and buy the 2 and find out what you think =)


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