Highland Earl Blended Scotch Whisky

Aldi has some range of whisky and I’m slowly but surely dramming my way through three of their blends, a Single Grain and another of their Glen Marnoch Single Malt efforts.

First off I’m looking at their cheapest mass stocked blend the Highland Earl Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky.
On the nose I get some nice cereal notes, creamy and with a note of digestive biscuit, lots of grain of course and a young punchy spirit. I also get a little bit of toffee, it takes a while to open up, I’d leave this in the glass for twenty minutes and add a drop of water to release the flavour, the bottle also needed opened straight away to allow a little air in, I do this with almost all the cheaper blends I pick up.
Taste wise, it’s a simple no nonsense whisky, if you like Hanky Bannister then you’d probably get on with this, hint of orange peel and when water is added the slightly harsh spirit is relaxed, I suspect this would go great as a warm day quaffer, yeah I said quaffer work with me here, it’s young sure but that doesn’t make it bad and I’m getting more from it on its own than I have from several of its peers over the last few months.
The finish is as quick as you’d expect from a twelve quid bottle of Scotch but I suspect most people buying this aren’t sipping it and taking in the flavour and there is nothing wrong with that.
I’ve said it before and I’ll rant on here again, not all whisky is made for the sipping in a whisky bar with a cigar market in fact almost none of it is and this is made for blending, I tried it with my favourite mixers, Irn Bru and Ginger Ale and it worked a treat especially with ice and lime.   

Thanks to Jessica at Aldi for providing a sample.
The Captain.