The Aldi Effect

I’ll get a couple of points out of the way before we get started, I am not an employee of Aldi and although they have sent me samples recently which I’ll be reviewing along with the two bottles I’ve bought myself they don’t pay me, I just like what they’re doing, oh and Malt snobs can leave at this point too.

Aldi for those who don’t know are a German supermarket chain who’ve been steadily increasing their market share in the UK for a number of years now and in the last few years have decided to increase their whisky range to something bordering on the ridiculous, in a way mind.
I’m always looking for bargains as you know and it was last year I stumbled upon the Aldi range which is something to behold especially over Christmas when they bring out their big guns but more of that later.
I was last in a couple of weeks back and they currently stock a Glenfarclas 10 year old, Famous Grouse and a Glen Moray on top of their own range which including a Single Grain, a Blend, a Blended Malt, an 8 year old blend and several Single Malts which come and go including the fantastic Islay NAS Single Malt I reviewed here
Aldi are now offering such a range that you could, if you were lazy, get a pretty full whisky collection and even if you picked up their Christmas edition 20 plus year stuff still have change for some nice glasses but the big question is, is it any good?

Well I’ve tasted four of their whiskies and two were excellent and two were good enough considering the prices we’re talking about here to be worth a punt.
Anyhoo, over the next five or six I’ll be reviewing the Single Grain, Highland Black, Glen Orrin 5 year old Blended Malt, Highland Earl Blend, Clarke’s Bourbon and the Glen Marnoch 12 year old Highland Single Malt that is of course if I’m still alive, see Jesus died for your sins I’m doing it to give you whisky knowledge.
The Captain.

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