Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky

Blenders often say that they blend malts together with grain whisky to create a better marriage of whisky and sometimes that’s true. Other people however might suggest that every now and again blenders take the not so good malt whiskies and chuck in a load a grain to hide the lumps and bumps of the poor malt, Bell’s is somewhere in between.

Bell’s is one of three whiskies you’ll find in every pub, supermarket and corner shop in the UK along with Famous Grouse and Jack Daniel’s, I certainly haven’t seen a bar which doesn’t sell them. Bell’s is that whisky that you always see but never bother with because you know, it’s Bell’s, no real whisky drinker drinks Bell’s and normally I’d agree but then I asked my wife to pick me up a half bottle of something cheap to mix with ginger ale and all the shop had in half bottle’s was Bell’s so there I was twisting the screw cap on my half bottle of Bell’s.
So, for research purposes and because I hadn’t touched it twenty years I thought I’d try it out before I drowned it it Alcoholic ginger.
On the nose, and here comes the grain, lots and lots of young sweet and punchy grain, there is a hint of smoke in the background and a little hint of honey, not bad.
Taste wise that grain takes over but I like single grain whisky and I’ve had worse and paid more for it,  the sweet grain and fruitiness from Dufftown actually works really well with a hint of peat from Caol Ila.
The finish is quicker than Usain Bolt and not really worth mentioning but something I should mention here is that Bell’s isn’t made for sipping, it’s not for Malt snobs and it’s why it’s in every bar in the country, it’s made for mixing and for mixing it’s great, it adds a little whisky note to whatever you’re having and the smoky back note is lovely.
Would I buy this again? I doubt it but only because I already have a couple of go too bottles for mixing but if you’ve not tried it before then I certainly suggest that next time you’re in a bar you give it a try.
The Captain.

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