Holiday and what’s coming up in June

So just back from my holiday and what a lovely time I’ve had with my wee family and a special thanks to Dave at Whisky Discovery for sending me a few drams to enjoy and warm me up, you’re a star Dave.

I’m not going to even attempt at any kind of review of what I was sampling but all were very pleasant and now added to my whisky journal. 
What I am going to review is the half bottle of Bell’s and bottle of Chivas 12 I picked up when I was in Yorkshire and I’ll try and put out those reviews next week as I have my notes and I’m sure I’ll manage the odd dram over the weekend.
For June I’ll be looking at Aldi, they are offering a range of whisky which is hammering other supermarket own brand whiskies into the ground and yes they are sending me some samples but I’ll drip out reviews of what I’m being sent as well as the three bottles I’ve bought myself, I’ll also do another guide to this months whisky auction and will probably moan about stuff too.
Hope you’ve not missed me too much.
The Captain.

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