Crown Royal Review

A friend of mine in the ol’ U S of A is a fan of the hugely popular Canadian Whisky Crown Royal and he’s not alone as it’s the most popular Canadian whisky in America and Diageo produce millions of litres every year.

I hadn’t seen this in any shop in Glasgow and kept humming and hawing over buying a bottle of this but then saw a bottle going cheap at auction and couldn’t resist so here we have a litre bottle of Crown Royal along with it’s odd little bag so I cracked open the bottle, well I twisted the plastic screw cap off and poured myself a dram.

So now I’m about a quarter of the way through the bottle consumed over the last couple of weeks and I have to say it’s taken quite a while for it to open up at all but now it has so I feel I can do a proper review for you, aren’t you lucky?

On the nose it smells a lot like a single grain whisky or bourbon simple and straight forward sweetness and has that “whisky” smell but that’s not always a bad thing, there is some vanilla and light sweet fruits.

 It’s smooth and by smooth I mean it really hasn’t got a lot going on, water can and does kill it completely so I wouldn’t bother, I get a lot oak and vanilla and raisins but I’ve been struggling with this for weeks now and not coming up with much more but then something hit me.

This isn’t a drink for sipping on it’s own or mixing with a little water, it’s a mixer and as a mixer it’s a brilliant whisky, I tried this with Ginger ale, Alcoholic Ginger ale, coke and Irn Bru and it’s great, it’s probably not a good thing that a whisky is improved with can of Irn Bru or Crabbie’s added but there you go, it does and it’s easily in my top five mixing whiskies.

Would I buy this again? I don’t know, it’s twenty five quid if you look hard enough for a litre but I can buy a litre of Whyte and Mackay or Black Grouse from my local shop two minutes walk away but if you can find it then I’d go for it, you even get a daft wee bag for it perhaps to store your gold coins or pieces of eight, it has that pirate feel about it.

The Captain.

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