New to whisky?

I’ve done articles like this before but as I’m waiting on builders showing up I thought I’d do another.

So I was gaming last night and talking to a mate who said he’d like to get into whisky but didn’t really know where to start, it’s a difficult question because everyone has a different taste but I’m pretty sure I can find anyone who’s willing to try a whisky that will suit them.
I told him, as I’ll tell you, that my advice to start simple and work your way up, no point in buying a bottle of Talikser 10 and swigging away. I suggested that as Tesco has both the half bottle of Chivas 12 and Glenlivet 12 down to ten and twelve pounds respectively go for them and also buy a decent but cheap blend, I see no point in telling someone new to whisky to head off to a local independent store and spend fifty or sixty quid on a bottle of whisky, we should be trying to get people to see whisky isn’t all that complicated if you know where to start.
The blend I selected for him was the Whyte and Mackay 13, a cracking sub twenty quid blend available in Asda which is local for him.
So now he’s got three bottles of whisky in the house, what’s he going to do with them? Well I suggested looking up videos on how to drink whisky and then pour himself a Glenlivet 12 and take it from there, maybe just have a couple and then if he’s still feeling like another then move onto the blended stuff, it’s a great way to learn about whisky and I hope it starts him, and you, off on an epic journey of whisky discovery.
The Captain.

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