Chasing a rabbit to wonderland.

I sometimes wonder if it’s me who’s bonkers or everyone but over the last couple of days I have witnessed something bordering on unbelievable.

At present there are at least two, but possibly more, people attempting to sell opened bottles of whisky, take another look at that sentence and maybe go and pour yourself a dram.

Let me make something clear, it doesn’t matter if the person is trying to sell an opened bottle of Famous Grouse or a bottle forty year old Dalmore the value of each is the same and that value is absolutely bugger all.
I have made mistakes when buying whisky, stuff I’ve not liked and twice I’ve bought something I thought was dodgy. I once bought a bottle of Bruichladdich and it was dreadful, I have enjoyed their whisky before but I sent this to them, no response sadly, saying I thought it was off or fake or something and once I bought a bottle at auction which was just odd, it wasn’t the same whisky as it was on the label, I know this because I’ve had enough Green Label to know when I’m drinking something else, this was years ago and please don’t let it put you off auctions or Bruichladdich.
This though is different, why on Earth would you part with your cold hard cash for an opened bottle of whisky? It could be anything, it might not even be fucking whisky, it could tea or pee or a bottle of ethanol dyed whisky colour, fancy a glass of that?
Now I’m sure both the sellers are upfront and above board but please let’s reign this in a little bit, whisky prices are going skyward at an alarming rate, most Japanese whisky is now out of my price range and anything limited edition is sold instantly and listed on auction by and for collectors and speculators before I can switch on my laptop and try and get a bottle but are we seriously going down the road of spending hundreds on half empty bottles of whisky? I hope not because if this is where we’re headed then I’m going to start drinking Mezcal just out of principal.
The Captain.

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