Scapa 16 Year old Single Malt

Scapa 16 is new to me, I got it thanks to a friend of a friend and I have to admit it took me a while to get into it.

Sometimes people refer to whisky as smooth or easy drinking for me that just means it just tastes of whisky which I thought this did for a good quarter of the bottle only after two weeks or so did this whisky start to shine.
So yeah, I’m starting off by saying this whisky takes a little bit of time to open up, if you buy a bottle I suggest you open it allowing some air in and then popping the lid back on and leaving it for a week, same with pouring, I would recommend leaving this alone in the glass for a good twenty minutes before starting at it.
On the nose we have a touch of kiddies glue followed by some aniseed which I got from opening the bottle and I’m still getting it now it’s half done, I have started getting some lovely orange peel, malt and boiled sweets too. After getting right into this I’m also getting the faint whiff of a barber shop and old leather seats.
Taste wise is more complex still, I got a lot of malt, that lovely taste of whisky, a little salt, some bitter chocolate and chilli and a touch of nut meg all gently opening up as the bottle slowly drains.

The finish is pretty quick, more malt and salt with some pickled ginger and those boiled sweets cropping up again.

Overall it’s an okay bottle of whisky but why 40%? Frankly this could have been so so much more if they had increased the strength a little not gone down the chill filtration route that frankly a sixteen year old Single Malt really shouldn’t be following but I feel that Scapa 16 might be being aimed at the duty free market or the special present bought for someone who doesn’t understand whisky all that much but I feel I’m being overly critical of a whisky I’ve come to really enjoy.
Would I buy this again? For fifty pounds no I wouldn’t but on offer or in duty free then yeah it’s worth a shout, would it be worth fifty quid if it was 46% and offered a little more? Yes, yes it would.
The Captain.

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