Safari Suit and Butterfly net at the ready my fellow explorers.

My BFF just this very day, probably not the day you’re reading this knowing my blog hit pattern, said to me that I seemed to be drinking cheaper whisky these days and it’s true I am and for two reasons which I thought I would share, because I’ve no other friends so might as well pretend to have some by writing this.

The first reason is that I have a family now and really can’t afford dropping between seventy and a hundred pounds on a bottle of Scotch, I used to be quite hedonistic too, I thought nothing of buying a bottle of pricey whisky and then opening it and drinking it with a mate or two in an evening, I can honestly say I have no recollection of a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt I drank whilst already pissed out of my head, I can’t barely remember even opening a bottle of SMWS Single Cask which cost what I’d now spend on three or four bottles let alone what it tasted like, I assume it was brilliant seeing as how there was none left three hours after opening.

My second reason is that I feel I am on a journey of discovery and hopefully I’m bringing one or two of you along with me. I love whisky and can bore people for hours talking about it and it’s always nice when someone at work or on Facebook or even on here and now I want to expand my whisky knowledge and you can only do that by drinking more whisky, surely?

My plan over the next couple of years is simple, buy one or two half bottles or 20cl bottles per month with a full bottle every six weeks so I can keep up with reviewing, I think I struggle reviewing just a dram or two, I’ve my hardest with miniatures from the king souls at Teeling’s and Compass Box to name but two but if I’m honest I don’t really think I’m doing some of the more complex stuff justice which I do mention in any review I do, transparency is very important I feel so that readers always know if I’ve received something from a company. My other plan is to try as many different whiskies as possible, I’m hoping to try one or two drams a month either from bars or via samples increasing my whisky knowledge.

So my merry band of toasted followers, pack up your safari suit and let’s go catch us some memories, ones I can actually remember.

The Captain.

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