Glengoyne 14 Year Old Special Edition for Marks and Spencer

I only have a quarter of this bottle left and after I tweeted a couple of comments on the taste and nose I realised I had never done a review of this belter of a whisky despite this being my second bottle of the stuff.

Glengoyne is one of my favourite distilleries, over the years I’ve sampled the 10, 15, 18 and this over many years and I’ve never had a bad experience and although a little harder to get hold of generally speaking and certainly not cheap I think the constancy of the bottles are worth the extra money.
The 14 year old is a special release for Marks and Spencer and if you’ve got one nearby you’d be surprised at their range, I mean this, Compass Box and Glenfarclas to name but three top companies.
On the nose we have a wonderful rich sweet sherry note, there’s a little bit of marmalade and lemoncurd with some nice wood notes and toast.
Taste wise the whisky is full of complex flavours but a whisky that both experienced drinkers and newbies to whisky could get a lot from. I get fresh ginger, dried fruit, a little bitter something, buttered toast (adding a drop of water really brings out the buttery flavour but only a drop), orange marmalade again and finally a little cinnamon. 
This a lovely whisky, along with Glenfarclas my two favourite single malt whiskies which are both reasonably affordable and available to everyone.

Oh and watch out for this on offer, I’m as tight as two coats of paint and I’m sure this was on offer when I picked it up last year.
The Captain.

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