Eating with your whisky.

Just been on Twitter chatting away about decent burger joints in Glasgow and as I’m sitting here sipping a whisky it got me thinking about what I like to eat with my whisky, because let’s be honest whisky is far more important than food.

The best food whisky combo I ever had was in Stonehaven years ago, picture the scene, a hard day of graft helping a friend paint his new shop tired and a bit sweaty we grab a bottle of Spingbank 15 a couple of bottles of beer and we headed out bought some fish suppers and headed down to the beach where we sat eating fish and chips and downing half a bottle of Springbank, it was bliss, the salty sea air the sun on our backs and whisky and salt and vinegar laced fish and chips, nothing will ever top that, ever.

But what else? Well I like a few squares, a whole bar, of 70% plus chocolate a dash of a cheap but nice blend in coffee or hot chocolate is wonderful.

I like either tablet or fudge in the evening with a small glass of whisky, not a lot of tablet just one or two bites that really compliment a nice well rounded sherry cask dram.

Blue cheese, the more revolting the better, goes well with either a nice smoky number if you’re wanting to really torture your taste buds or if you’re relaxing then Parmesan with a little white truffle oil works well.

I am partial to a little cold cured meat with a whisky, something easy drinking with a touch of water added to counter balance the fatty cold meat.

Is there a better accompaniment to a fish platter than a glass or three of Talisker 10? I think not.

I’ll drink whisky with pretty much anything but what I’ve written about I actually think works well rather than just some booze hound looking for an excuse to drink more, I hope you try some of these out, especially the Stonehaven one, it was as close to Nirvana as I’ve ever come.

The Captain.

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