Spice Tree, a takeaway treat or last nights kebab?

Spice Tree, the name reminds me of the Indian Takeaway near where I grew up, mainly because it was called the Spice Tree or I think it was, it’s long ago and I’m talking about nearly thirty years ago and my mind isn’t what it was, I think.

Spice Tree is another heady blended whisky this time using Toasted, what a wonderful word that is, French oak barrels during a second maturation giving us yet more complexity.
It’s 46% and non chilled filtered and like Hedonism I found so many smells and flavours I know I’ll need a full bottle, a bottle which is currently on offer at Marks and Spencer so I may well have to indulge.
On the nose I get some nice wood notes with a hint of butter, all spice and cinnamon rolls I also get a little pipe tobacco and a touch of rum soaked raisins.
Taste wise the whisky needs left a while, tasting after a couple of minutes and I get a little lost in it all, too much going on and the 46% hits a little too hard, leave it for twenty minutes and it’s a totally different beast. Honey and almonds, orange zest and a little chew gave me sweet pastry. I found after another ten minutes and a drop of water I found a little bit of nutmeg and a tiny bit of pepper or chilli.
Again another belter from Compass Box, I was given the sampler from them and I’m sure a few reading this will think I’m being paid to write this but Compass Box are a superb indie bottler and it’s only fair that I big them up when they deserve it.

The whisky industry is turning more and more big business than craft skill and Compass Box are doing their best to give us consumers something different but something powerful, something worth talking about and something worth remembering.
Yes Compass Box is expensive and I’ll say it again I don’t think Compass Box are a beginners whisky, too complex and too expensive but once you’ve got your whisky stabilizers off you really do need to look them up.
The Captain,
Oh and I looked it up and there is a Spice Tree Indian, it’s in Leicester.

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