Hedonism by Compass Box

Hedonism; Doing everything in your power to achieve the maximum pleasure available , not a terrible way to live your life is guess.

Hedonism whisky by Compass Box is a blended grain whisky which feels at times like you’ve reached the ultimate goal but at what price? 
I don’t normally spend more than forty or fifty pounds on a bottle of whisky so For me to buy a bottle of Hedonism would indeed be hedonistic and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth not just the price but the whole experience which is borderline overwhelming. 
For this review I had a sample kind sent from Compass Box as well as a sample from a friend who has a bottle.
I have never had a blended or vatted grain whisky and neither has anyone else because it’s the first of its kind but I have enjoyed the creamy sweetness of decent single grains but this is something else.

Whisky tasting is objective of course and what I taste may be different to you but again Compass Box have given us a masterclass in blending.

On the nose I get a rich creamy coffee with roast hazelnuts and chocolate a hint of smoke from a charred barrel. Summer fruits, strawberry, raspberry and gooseberries after I’ve left the glass alone for half an hour.

Taste is silky bourbon with a hint of smoke and tea, chocolate covered toffee and Pineapple as it goes down, all of this from what equates to three or four drams worth, I can only imagine the depth of flavour I’d get from a full bottle.

But sadly imagining is all I can do at the moment.

Hedonism is brilliant although not a whisky for beginners and most people I know would be very hesitant at paying over sixty pounds for something so different to the norm a jump into hedonistic pleasure too far? For some yes for me I can but dream.

The Captain.

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