Compass Box Peat Monster

I’m starting to get into peaty whisky. I’ve drank the water of life for over twenty years but it’s only been in the last couple I’ve started to “get into” peated whisky for months all I could taste was the smoke, that heavy peat blast that smothered everything else I tasted. I felt like a newcomer and I was out of my comfort zone.

I’m not saying I’ve not had and enjoyed Peated whiskies before because I have but I’ve never bothered to try and understand them until I stumbled across a Bowmore two years ago which was on offer and was superb, the subtle flavours which slowly crept out of the bottle sprang to life and made me realise what I’d been missing.
Move on to now and I’m feeling the love for the peat and recently I was lucky enough to receive a little sample bottle of Peat Monster by Compass Box.

Compass Box for those who don’t know are an independent bottler producing some very interesting stuff and you can check out a video review (which I’m going to start doing again once I’ve bought some more bottles) of their glorious Artist’s Blend, one of my all time favourite blended whiskies.

Peat Monster is a different beast altogether, it’s so rich and deep in flavour, I hate to prattle on but I’ve only had a sample bottle and already I get smells and flavours you would normally need half a bottle to fully explore.
On the nose of course there is that brutal peat blast but followed with a what I can only describe as a bag of grass and not the type on your lawn, there is also some nice citrus notes a hint of All Spice and some saltiness like Talisker and that faint whiff of a bonfire in the distance.
Taste wise, I left my glass for a good ten minutes before having a decent sip then repeated until it was gone, at first I got that smoked fish or Lapsang taste but with some rich fruit too like over ripe plums or peaches with a hint of mint and strawberry too, there is a slight taste of envelope glue which comes from the peat but I’ve tasted that before in whisky and it normally goes away when the bottle has been allowed to air a bit.
It’s magic and now I’m going to have to go out and buy myself a bottle.
I don’t do scores and I’m not going to start now but it’s a lovely whisky and you should buy it before they stop making it and what’s left of it goes through the roof.
The Captain.

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