Teeeling Whiskey review

I’m not doing a video review of these whiskeys because I’ve developed a nasty blocked cold and sound and look like I sleep under a bridge but don’t worry I’ll be back doing actual whisky reviews on YouTube next week.

So, Teeling then, my knowledge of Irish whiskey is pretty much limited to Jameson and Bushmills which are okay but I’d never think about buying them when I can buy Scotch or American for the same price or less but a new push to promote their whiskey (I’ve had to really try hard to remember adding that pesky e) and I was lucky enough to be sent a few wee bottles of their Single Grain, Small Batch and Single Malt so thought it was only right and proper to do a review but also tell you I was sent the whiskey.

First off before I get to the actual whiskeys themselves I want to congratulate them on two things I think every whisky company should be doing here, all their stuff is bottled at 46% and non chill filtered which for me brings you as close to whisky or whiskey should be without it being single cask and cask strength so good for them.

I had three miniatures and opened each separately, I poured a glass and covered and left for ten minutes before nosing and tasting and repeating until the whiskey was finished. I did this over two days to try and get the most from miniatures as I would normally do a third of a bottle before I reviewed just to keep things clear.

Teeling Single Grain.

This was the first bottle I opened as I’ve recently bought a bottle of Cameron Brig and I’ve been enjoying Single Grain. The whiskey has a couple of unique features, in my notes from the two days I tested it I wrote down “new trainers, fresh out the box” which I’ve not had the pleasure before of sniffing on a whiskey, Lots of fruit probably due to the wine cask it was matured in and a sweetness I think comes with all Single Grain. Taste wise I got that back note of wine with herbs not unlike a French style stew but lighter with a nice sweetness almost like toffee apple, the finish had a little bit of wood going on and all in all a very pleasant drink.

Teeling Small Batch.

Now I’m a rum drinker so was looking forward to this and on the nose there was a real hit of sweetness and vanilla you’d get from opening a bottle of Sailor Jerry. Nutmeg on custard tarts was something that also hit me. Taste wise I found it a little bland but that might be due to the fact it was a miniature and I didn’t get enough to fully understand the flavours going on. I did get some nice rum flavours and even at 46% there was an underlying smoothness that made it easy to drink. Again the finish was woody, perhaps it’s the naked spirit Teeling produce that somehow manages to draw more flavour from the actual wood but it was definitely there again.

Teeling Single Malt Whisky.

I was a little confused with this, the whiskey comes from several different barrels including port, madeira, sherry and various wines and Teeling have created a powerful Single Malt. The nose is very rich, you can tell the port and Madeira barrels have been used well although perhaps they drown out the sherry casks somewhat, nice hit of sweet fruits, figs and honey and a little coffee note too. Taste wise the sherry cask comes out more, hints of vanilla and all spice with a meaty feel to it when in the mouth, a little dried fruit too. Finish again I tasted wood and spice which isn’t a bad thing and the little hint of sweet spice helps it along nicely.

So there are a few wee reviews of my wee bottles so now down to whether or not I’d buy them and it’s a tricky question. First off most of the whisky I buy is from small corner shops or Supermarkets and I’ve never seen it so I would need to purchase online and as none of the whiskeys are cheap I’d have to think twice before paying up for the bottle and then another six  or seven pounds postage, this would make the Single Malt fifty pounds and for fifty pounds I’d be expecting an age statement and the world Glenfarclas written on the bottle. That said I would go for the Single Grain as it’s the best Single Grain I’ve tasted from anywhere and it being 46% makes it something I’d recommend.

Once again I hope you find these helpful and thanks to Teeling for sending me their stuff.

The Captain.

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