Haig Club is wrong.

You might have guessed from the title that this is going to be a rant and you’d be right.

Haig Club signifies not only everything that is wrong with the modern whisky industry but also the Highlands of Scotland.

Haig Club is flashy over priced nonsense, it’s a decent enough drink but so is Cameron Brig which is the same stuff but twenty quid a bottle cheaper but you know it’s not being punted by David Beckham swishing about a Highland playground with his rich mates is it?

When I first heard about Haig Club my heart sank, whisky is more and more becoming a business controlled by marketing and accountants with more and more production and more variety but that isn’t always a good thing and it’s time we had more control and less showing off.

We now see increasing amounts of limited editions and managers blends and all that bollocks and again we see yet more packaging that no one needs all to sell inferior products.

The Highlands have long been a playground for the rich, property prices are through the roof more and more land ownership is the hands of the super rich who use it as their weekend getaway twice a year before leaving the place deserted and I have a horrible feeling whisky might be headed this way too with decent whisky becoming beyond the reach of you and me and only for the rich with perhaps some inferior stuff given to us like crumbs from the Master’s table.

Our whisky is increasing owned by multinationals and all multinationals care about is the bottom line and the heart and soul of the spirit is leaving and remember it wasn’t that long ago that Diageo were trying to move some Scotch production out of Scotland to save on costs and only Government intervention stopped them.

The big owners will say that increased demand requires increased production as well as them having to bring out lots of new bottlings to tempt people but why? If whisky is over produced and the arse falls out of the current boom then the industry will collapse in on itself under the weight of all those unsold bottles so why not reign it in a bit and care more about your product and less about just making money?

I have no problem with paying good money for decent whisky but I am sick and tired of being conned.

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