Glenlivet 12 year old to go

Glenlivet is about to remove it’s signature 12 year old Single Malt from sale replacing it with a non age statement whisky which will raise some eyebrows considering this is a company who started an age matters campaign.

This is a shame because not only is the 12 year old a decent dram and well priced but part of whisky tradition.

The non age statement whisky is a strange breed indeed. The only reason I can see for a whisky company not putting an age statement on their whisky is because they’re scared people will be put off and of course people are less willing to pay over the odds for whisky which is five or six years old but with some clever marketing and flashy packaging people will buy the non age statement stuff.

A sad month for whisky lovers but I suggest you go out and perhaps pick up a bottle or two and stick them in a cupboard.

The Captain.

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