Supermarket mystery challenge.

You’ve probably all seen them on the shelves but left them behind in favour of your favourite single malt or cheeky wee blend.

Supermarket whisky puzzles me and I’ll tell you why; why all the fucking mystery? Whether it be the supermarket giving their own brands ye olde Scottish names like “Ben Bracken” or “Glen Orrin” which don’t exist they are just made up names or sticking to the traditional “Tesco Speyside Single Malt” or whatever why don’t they tell us where they are getting their whisky from?

I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Ben Bracken is either a 12 year old Single Malt or with the bottle I have a 12 year old Blended Malt both are under twenty pounds and both are fantastic.

Now, Ben Bracken is a totally made up name by someone in marketing but the thing is it is Scotch, it is 12 years old and lovely, so why not tell us where they got it from? The truth behind this malt is that Ben Bracken is actually Tamnavulin. Tamnavulin closed a few years back and owners Whyte and Mackay sold off the remaining whisky, of which there was plenty, on the cheap to Lidl who re branded it. Thing is try and find a bottle of Tamnavulin and you’ll struggle and if you do you’re likely to be spending over a hundred pounds so why not for a little taste of history?

Then there is Waitrose and their Highland 16 year old Single Malt. Now I think it’s a Dalmore, it just tastes like a Dalmore and I’ve had enough Dalmore over the years to make the jump and if it is it’s around twenty quid cheaper, why not have a little line along the bottle saying where it’s from? Would it be that damaging to the supplier?

My only explanation for this is that as mentioned before the Distillers need the money from supplying supermarkets but have no interest in having their brands damaged, if anyone can enlighten me drop me a line.

My final point on this is that Scottish whisky is one of the most stringently controlled industries in the world, what is put on the label is enshrined in law but not what isn’t?

The Captain.

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