Personal taste

So Jim Murray has just announced the Yamazaki Sherry cask to be the best whisky in the world and shocked the industry although I don’t why because it’s hardly the first time he’s awarded a non Scotch the “top” prize but I totally fail to see what all the fuss is about.

I don’t really understand why one man’s opinion is so valued when whisky is such a personal thing and to be honest some of the whiskies he picks are so obscure or expensive almost no one else would be able to compare anyway.
One example of this is his favourite Scotch of the year, it’s the Last Drop 1965. I have no problem with the Last Drop as a company but how can a bottle of whisky which almost no one will ever get close to sniffing let alone drinking be regarded as the best Scotland has to offer? The Last Drop are so exclusive and expensive it would be like me making my own whisky on a tour of a distillery and by pure chance creating a cracking drink and then offering that one bottle for sale at ten grand and Jim Murray liking it, hardly a proper representation of the industry is it? For me it just adds to a certain snobbery surrounding whisky, I’ve looked at his list over the last few years and the overwhelming majority of bottles are beyond the price range of most people.
Now I know Murray is telling what the best is rather than offering his opinions on whisky you can buy in Tesco but the exclusiveness of what he selects means it’s almost impossible to judge whether or not he has any more tasting skill than you or me and so able to judge or if he’s just picking the whisky who sends him the biggest sample or costs the most or is the rarest or whatever.
Oh and his numbering system or scoring is a lot of nonsense too, I’ve done game reviews and found it pointless attaching a “score” how on Earth you can attach a number to a drink is beyond me but he seems to do well out of it but if you’re buying a whisky because of a score then you shouldn’t be allowed near a whisky.
I’ve re written this article several times because I don’t want to come across as bitter or a troll so I give this review 55.100 you see? You see how pointless giving a score is?
The Captain.

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