Bored with Whisky snobbery?

Just had what was a well natured debate on whisky and what people enjoy turn into another tedious argument, which I bowed out of quickly, because you always get some men who think that if you’re not drinking straight up Laphroaig then you’re not really a whisky drinker.

I know I have been a bit school master with my views on ice in whisky which I stand by because you’re adding water which you can’t control, use those stones things if you want or stick the bottle in the freezer but drink what you want and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.
This sort of whisky hard man nonsense bores me to tears, some of the roughest men I know drink whisky with water and ice and they only drink nice sherry cask whisky never touching the peated beasts we all know and love.

This is sadly not the first time I’ve come across this, I criticised an Ardbeg a few years back and got a torrent of abuse saying I didn’t understand the whisky and blah blah blah.

Same goes for the dreaded line “you can’t beat a single malt” yes you can, some blends are fantastic and offer complexity unheard of in half the single malts on the market, go and drink some Monkey Shoulder, Big Peat or Old bottles of White Horse or Black Bottle and come back to me.

If you enjoy peated whisky then good for you, I do too, but don’t think you hold some kind of moral high ground because you don’t, you’re not more Scottish, more of a man (because it’s always men coming out with this nonsense) or harder than anyone else just because someone doesn’t like drinking something that tastes like it was scraped from a remote bog on the Western Isles.

Anyway I’m off for a peach schnapps and lemonade.

The Captain.

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