That time of year again.

Yeah it’s Christmas which means many of you will be buying whisky for yourselves and as gifts and I’m here to tell you to think before you buy.

As always we see a huge amount of offers on the table, discounted whisky with a tenner off here a fiver off there but it worth checking to see just how much you’re saving.

Now obviously if you see a bottle you normally buy for less than you normally pay then go for it but I tend to see the offers on stuff that are perhaps out of my price range or weird stuff I wouldn’t normally touch but I’m a sucker for a “bargain”.

My advice is take just five minutes to go online, you all have smartphones, to both check the price elsewhere and perhaps skim over a couple of reviews, it’s not like there aren’t any sites offering advice, then if you think that it’s worth it then go for especially if you are being bold and picking something you’ve not tried before, being adventurous is always best when it’s on the cheap.


The Captain.

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