My Christmas tipple

Christmas is here and rather than giving you tips on special offers or stuff I think you should be drinking I thought I would share with you what I’ll be drinking over the festive period.

My Single Malt shelf is pretty full as always but I’ve been leaning more towards more brutal whisky, Talisker Storm is my current favourite but be warned it’s not for the faint hearted, I take it with a drop or two of water and nothing else and it calms the soul no end.
For blends I’m drinking the Famous Grouse Black Grouse, it’s smokey without being overpowering an is brilliant mixed with coke or ginger ale but drinking it on its own is perfectly acceptable. My other blend is Monkey Shoulder which is a blended malt and more expensive than your average blend but offers far more depth of flavour, I drink this either with a little water or ginger ale.
I’ve recently being buying bourbon. Perhaps it’s watching Justified on Netflix but I was drawn recently to two bottles both on offer at Tesco and Asda. Woodward Reserve is beautiful, dark and sweet with subtle winter spices, it’s a bit like a nice mulled wine and goes great in an old fashioned, in a hot toddy or with a cube of ice. My other nod to America again comes from Kentucky but a more earthy dram this time with Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey has a lot of Rye in the mash and is apparently aged in charred barrels giving it a character often missing in American tipples. I drink it straight as the honey and cinnamon spice that I pick up is lost when you start buggering about with it.
You’ll find all of these whiskies in supermarkets and I imagine many will be offer, if you try any of them let me know what you think.
Merry Christmas.
The Captain. 

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