Whisky of the Quarter.

Okay so I’m not doing enough updates to do a whisky of the month but I will do a whisky of the whenever I get around to posting.

Today’s whisky is the Dalwhinnie 15 year old Single malt.
It’s on offer which is always a reason for buying, it’s an older whisky so it gives you a chance to sample something a little more mature without breaking the band too.
On the nose it’s sweet, caramel and very pleasant.
Palette wise it’s got more of that sweetness going on but quite chunky, you know you’re drinking whisky and I think it would be pretty rough if it was a younger dram. There are little hints of herb I’m thinking the faintest taste of coriander but don’t let that put you off.
Finishing it’s smooth but there is something dark going on in the background, like you’ve just swallowed a sweetie that was hand baked by a satanist. 
I would take this with a touch of water but only a couple of drops. 
The Captain. 

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