Vegan stuff

Not been around for a while, super busy but I’m going to try and get more regular posts up.

I was asked by a friend recently if I could recommend a nice whisky for under £20, I recommended J&B Rare, it’s around £20 it’s accessible and it’s easy to drink neat, with water, ice or even mixed so what’s not to love?

Well what’s not to love is that it’s not vegan friendly and my friend is vegan. It never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be vegan but looking closely there could be two main reasons a whisky isn’t veggie or vegan friendly.

1. The barrel used may have come from a winery who used animal by products when the “fining” process is completed.

2. Some whiskies are chill filtered using a paper made with, in part, a small hard algae.

It’s nice to learn something new about whisky isn’t it?

The Captain.

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