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The drinks giant Diageo have announced a £25 million pound expansion plan at the Glen Ord distillery in Ross Shire.

The expansion will see six new stills and double production of the Glen Ord brand most of which will be shipped abroad.

Diageo is also planning a £30 million pound expansion of it’s Clynelish distillery. Under the plans submitted Clynelish Distillery will see the installation of an additional mashtun (the vessel for soaking the malted barley) 10 new washbacks (vessels for the fermentation process) and six new copper stills for distilling the spirit. This adds to the 10 washbacks and six stills which the distillery currently has and will effectively double the production capacity to nine million litres of alcohol per annum, whilst retaining the unique character and quality of the spirit. A bio-energy plant is also planned for the site to provide non-fossil fuel energy to power the distillery.

All of this comes months after plans by Diageo to sell off Whyte & Mackay to address competition concerns after it planned to increase its stake in Indian company United Spirits. 


  1. Do you have a link to a news site for this? Am interested in the Clynelish expansion, as I'm a big fan and it seems to be rather unknown and under-represented. I'd love for the 14-yo to be something you can reliably get at high street supermarkets.

    It does come up on offer at Waitrose from time to time. It should definitely be malt of the month when that happens next!


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