I present to you.

Merry Christmas to all my avid readers (all ten of you) and I hope Santa has been kind to you all.

I’ve been given three bottles of lovely stuff for Christmas, so I thought I’d do a wee bit on all three.

Right then, first off is a cheeky bottle of Drambuie which is, for those of you who don’t know, a blend of aged Scottish whisky and stuff. The stuff in question mainly heather honey and some “secret” spices, which gives it a taste of mead and frankly not much else. I’m not saying that it’s bad just very sticky and sweet, this may be the point of it of course, but it’s a bit gay and best mixed with ginger ale, lime and ice which actually makes it taste a little more of whisky and not bee jizz.

Next up is a real treat for me, as you might know I like Cognac, and was given a bottle of Remy Martin Couer de Cognac by my better half, I feel this is just to keep me quiet in the corner but I don’t mind. So smooth as all decent Cognac should be with a lovely warm sweet smell like new leather covered in brown sugar. On the palate I taste melted butter and raw Christmas pudding mix and well worth the price if you have a few bottles already and fancy something a bit new for the shelve.

Okay, so now we are finally on to a proper whisky, something bought for me by my in laws who don’t know exactly my taste and as neither of them are big whisky drinkers themselves, although judging by my mother in laws knitting she must be drinking something, I can’t blame them for going for one of the big name brands. For years now Glenfiddich have produced a standard 10, 12, 15 and 18 yearold but also have branched out recently (the last 10 or so years I think) into double casked whiskies, the process of giving a whisky some time, a few months upto a year in another cask to give different flavours. This, like all Glenfiddich’s is easy drinking, a decent price at 30 or so pounds but nothing exciting, lost of raisins and a bit of honey, again with the cane sugar and sticky toffee vibe in the background, all in all a good starter whisky, and something to be enjoyed after dinner rather than on a dark stormy night, if that makes sense.

The Captain

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