Supermarket Sweep

I’ve been thinking lately, I used to always harp on about buying whisky from independent shops or at least the specialised chains but no I’ve found myself drifting away from these stores and towards the Supermarket chains.

Why have I been doing this? I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not just down to money, the supermarket chains used to have a woeful selection, half a dozen bog standard malts and the usual suspects of cooking whisky blends all at low low prices. Now however supermarkets are not only offering some cracking whiskies but many come with great price tags that admittedly the smaller stores could never compete with. I’m not going to put up a huge list to show what I mean, I just can’t be arsed, go have a look for yourselves and see what’s on offer.

Also supermarket staff wont rush up to offering their “help”. I can’t be doing with helpful staff, I’m happy just browsing on my own thanks very much, and it’s not like the staff in most of these shops are all that helpful or friendly, some are down right patronising and elitist and I can see why people are put off by them. Anyway bitch over, small chains and independent shops will always have the rare and unusual of course, but then in saying that, you can get some cracking stuff direct from the distillery shops themselves either in person or online cutting out the middleman all together so maybe you should give that a go.

I hope the supermarkets recent interest in decent whisky doesn’t spell the end for the small shops as has happened with butchers, fishmongers etc as variety is good and I don’t really like supermarkets in general but you know, I’ve got a wedding to save for and have you seen the price of flowers and table settings?

The Captain.

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