The Glenlivet 18 year old

Well after giving you loads of advice on the Caol ila I popped into Tesco and guess what, that offer was finished so after Issy picked my off the floor I wiped away the tears and surveyed the current offers.

That Welsh whisky is a fiver off but it’s Welsh and I don’t drink Irish so it’ll be a long long time before Welsh or God forbid French whisky passes my lips, Makers Mark is down a fiver too and that’s well worth 20 quid of your hard earned cash but I was after something a bit different.

After a bit of a ponder (a full ten minutes of being moaned at for taking ages) I plumped for the Glenlivet 18 yearold. I’ve only had the basic Glenlivet and it’s so so, but an 18 year old for 29.99, that’s worth a punt surely?

Colour wise it’s a dark caramel which I for some reason I prefer, dunno why but there you go, taste wise well I think it’s just grand, smooth yes as most 18 year old malts tend to be, well the ones I’ve had anyway, and I’ve not had all that many. I got a nice peppery taste, slight hint of sherry and a warm rounded finish I think you’ll enjoy.

Like I said, my knowledge of 18 year old’s is limited, it’s more the odd glass in bars rather than bottles in the house, this is obviously due to cost as most of these whiskies are out of my price range and if I’m honest most have been a slight let down, no punch no real character and maybe because this is at the cheaper end of the spectrum so many not as polished.

Hope you’ll try this out, and if not the 12 and 15 are reduced too and cheaper still.


The Captain.

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