Spooky and sad

Halloween is upon us and tonight Issy and me are sitting down to some movies and in my case whisky.

First film of the night was Nazi Dawn, a fucking awful film involving ghosts, ships and the android from Aliens, you’ll miss nowt by not watching it. Up next is Rosemary’s baby, not so much scary as down right creepy, but we have Resident Evil for afters so I’m on typing up whilst drinks are prepared.

I’m having Gin and Tonic for my main drink and a treat, the very last of my Mortlach 16 year old. This is a sad time for me, the Mortlach 16 year old is rare and I might not be able to find this exceptional whisky, well not within my budget anyway. The rich spicy flavour and the long subtle after taste of honey and pepper have almost disappeared now and the salt in my tears is all that is left, Mortlach I will miss you.

The Captain

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