Winter warmer

Right November is almost upon us, It’s freezing, dark and we are all in need of something to cheer us up. Tesco have decided to go bonkers early in the pre Christmas price reduction wars by offering this for an amazing 15 quid off, can’t complain at that price for what is after all a simple but nice enough malt.

Malt of the month was tricky but I’m going for the Caol Ila 12 yearold, for these simple reasons, it’s a great price, a lovely whisky and everyone has a Tesco near them.



  1. I'll have a bottle of Caol Ila for £25 (online supermarket comparison site confirms it).

    Please let me know if you see Clynelish 14 for any less than Oddbins's £28.99. In fact, I might get that today.


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