New malt of the month is An Cnoc 12; not an exotic or inspired choice by any means, but simply the best deal I could fine on a single malt in a high street retailer at the moment. £8 off was too much of a discount for me to ignore and it struck me a fine way to begin my new whisky collection. I got a bottle of BNJ at the same time (which, at £17 from Oddbins struck me as a bit over what I normally pay, but hey-ho) so that I didn’t just guzzle the An Cnoc.

The BNJ also provided a nice basis for comparison for my flatmate, on whom I imposed my strict tasting methodology later in the evening. This fellow usually just knocks back Jamesons with ice, and without wishing to disparage such practices (I’ve availed myself of his whiskey several times in the last few months and found nothing to complain about) I am keen for him to expand his horizons somewhat. In my experience the single greatest obstacle to enjoying the range of whiskies available is the idea that you just “don’t like whisky” – so this guy’s well ahead of the curve.

Autumn’s well and truly on it’s way, I’ve got my new Xbox and a bunch of zombie-based games to re-acquaint myself with, and all signs point to a fruitful renewal of my whisky appreciation in the months to come. There’s DLC out for L4D2 and I’m available for Resi 5 co-op, should you fancy it. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind broadening the scope of this blog to include whatever other topics and content catch my fancy (within reason of course). So why not check out this strange little blog which, for now at least, is exploring the delights of Brazillian cachaça.



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  1. I've been drinking, port and Sherry lately, I'm thinking of writing up a few bits on them as most of the whisky I drink comes from port or sherry casks, whatcha think?

    Oh and good to see you back on board the good ship Whisky Apocalypse.

    The Captain


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