Something a bit special

Okay, I know I said I’ve was going to do two on Friday but as I’ve been abandoned so Issy can go on some course or another I thought I would drink some whisky and tell all you lucky readers about it.

The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Society can come across as a bit wanky, this may, perhaps, be because they are a bit wanky, but they do come up with some lovely whisky so who cares? Not me.

The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Society produce ultra limited whiskies which you can read more about here and I’m not a full member so cannot claim to know everything about them, that said I was given a bottle of “Drinking with Lara Croft” a couple of months back and it has been a joy drinking this.

On the nose we have some smoke, a little citrus and something sweet which I can’t quite detect, Crunchie bar comes to mind a wee bit but only just and I might be wrong (I’ve not been drinking much of the amber nectar recently and I think my nose is a little under par) taste wise, well it’s a strong one at 61.2% and needs 50% water to calm things down, even then I’m getting a pretty fiery little number, loads of heat and spice with more citrus coming though at the end.

All in all a cracking drink but expensive with this coming in around 60 quid, and as it’s limited to 223 bottles pretty much the only chance you have of sampling this is coming round my house and begging, you never know your luck.

Oh, had an idea, if someone sticks up a review and you’ve had the same cheeky dram, why not put up your own thoughts? Go for it, this is an open site and it’s for it’s readers.

The Captain.

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