One more nail in the coffin

I’m going to be 36 soon, the darkness is starting to envelop me already so I’m hoping to plan another Apocalypse meeting end of January start of February, who’s in?

I would suggest the Pot Still again, that new range they have is superb.

The Captain.


  1. Well boo hoo! I'm fucking 40 this year!!! 40, I mean jesus christ!!!!

    I'll be available for drinkies any time after the 8th of Feb, so just gimme a shout when suits John.



  2. … while I won't even be 33 until the end of June. Man, it feels great!

    BTW, how much is that Dalmore Cigar Malt (MotM)? I got a bottle of Dalmore 12 for £30 and it was LUVVERLY.


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