The Captain’s Christmas message

I’ve already “done” Christmas this year what with me working over the festive period so I’m already pressied up with a lovely bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt, hip flask and Transformers blanket (how cool am I?) to keep me warm when the cold bites.

As it’s traditional at this time of year to be nice and that I thought I would just say thanks to the Apocalypse crew for making this all happen, last weeks get together was a resounding success with our regular attendees really starting to pick up on what they are drinking.

For the new year ahead I’m still planning on making this a proper website with forums to include a wider audience but again a lot of this is down to Vardar getting somewhere to live where he is not pinching his neighbours wifi, but we shall see. I’m also hoping to try and get a whisky meet up once every 6 weeks which shouldn’t be too hard so watch this space for dates ahead.

I also wouldn’t mind taking in the odd distillery tour and making trying to make one of the whisky expo’s that are cropping up all over the place.

So once again thank you all for sailing on the good ship Whisky Apocalypse, let’s hope for another year of ice free sailing and remember crew you’re all welcome on board but there is only one Captain.

The Captain.

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