Still Game?

So the next meeting will take place on the 15th or 16th of December – that’s Tuesday and Wednesday week respectively. I don’t expect Hello Hawk will check teh interwebs between now and then, so we needn’t expect any input from him, but dominic138 skulks around like apologetic rapist – what say you, domboy?

I daresay Audley can rearrange his demented scrawling sessions to accommodate whatever the majority decides, so let’s not worry too much about him. What about the other sometime L4Deaders? Aereocraig? I’ve a bone to pick with Daver about the wholesale plagiarism of my avater, so I doubt he’ll have the cojones to show his face…
Come on, chaps, chime in with a preference. I’ll say… Tuesday, just for the fuck of it. Late afternoon perhaps, between 4 and 5. Oh, and hopefully we’ll have a special guest in the form of one Jay-to-the-Oh-See M.A.C.K along, though he’s neither a gamer nor an apocalypso gypsy, so let’s hope whatever we decide is convenient for him.
Right, that’s all I got to say on the matter for now. Basically, if you don’t show any interest you get no vote and Cap’n J-Dawg and I will just make an executive decision.

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