Mid Range Round Up, November

I’ve had a few bottles recently that I should like to have written about, but my selfish neighbour has stuck WEP security on her wifi connection, so I’m out of the loop in the evenings.

I had a bottle of Balvenie Signature, which was OK; a little less sherry than the Double Wood (unsurprisingly!) and it seemed to disappear quickly enough. Talisker 10, which was fine, but much tamer than I was expecting. I seem to remember having my head blown off by Talisker a few years back. Shows what a callow, inexperienced whisky drinker I was back then.

Of my recent purchases my clear fabourite has been the Caol Ila (10? 12?). It was on offer at Oddbins, as most of my whiskies tend to be at the moment, and it was lovely. Just the peaty, smoky Islay taste I was after, but surprisingly delicate for all that. Yum!

Last night I bought a bottle of An Cnoc 12 (again, on offer at Oddbins). I’ve only had a wee nip, but I’m enjoying it so far. At first I thought it was too light and fruity for my masochistic palate, but there’s some complexity there underneath which I shall be investigating at greater length very shortly…

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