It’s old news now, but this story caught my eye last week – it’s the one about Shackleton’s crates of whisky being dug up in the South Pole. There’s more than a whiff of Apocalypse mystique about this… in fact, if I had been more imaginative and better organised, less lazy and a mite better skilled than I am I’d probably have done a comic strip about it spoofing The Thing.

But hey ho.

Now, snuck in on the end of that seemingly inconsequential comment I’d like to announce the window in which the next Whisky Apocalypse meeting will take place. Check your diaries and see what you’re doing between 12th and 18th of December, because I will be back in Glasgow and choking for a dram. I’d also like to host it at the Pot Still as I consider the range better and the atmosphere… well, more “genuine”, if not more pleasant than the Oran Mor’s.

I also intend to play some L4D2 while back at Chez K, so get ready to be shouted at for not taking it seriously enough, bitches.


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