Finishing Touch

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into whiskies which have been “extra matured” or “finished” in a second cask, it all started with the first Molotov of the Month the Balvennie Double Wood. I have since moved on and have been experimenting with different whiskies offering this extra little bit of oomph.

As we all know I’m a big fan of BenRiach, I feel they offer a wonderful whisky at a great price and although they can be a bit hard to come as they eschew supermarkets and the bigger chains I still feel they are worth hunting down.

My latest purchase has been the Pedro Ximinez Sherry Wood Finish, the whisky has spent its first 12 (I think) years of its life in American Bourbon barrels before being finished off in the Ximinez Sherry butts. Now I love a glass of cold sherry, not the awful stuff your Gran drinks at Christmas and therefore take great enjoyment out of any sherry cask whisky, but here’s the kicker, because the whisky is only finished in the sherry butts rather than the full 15 years, you still get a powerful Speyside Malt with just a hint of sweet sherry in the back.

Yeah okay I’m sure old sea dogs like Mr Vardar will moan about the lack of bite but drank straight up or with just a drop or two of water the sweetness is matched with a lovely spicy edge, like I dunno almost like nutmeg or cinnamon. Whatever it is it’s a really well rounded drink, a nice after dinner sipper rather than something to drink whilst debating the latest Zombie Horror beside a roaring fire.

Oh and it’s £38 where you can find it.

The Captain.

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  1. In my opinion finishing is getting out of hand and is probably being used to cover up a duff cask, more often than not. If it ain't broke, don't finish it.


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