A gamble

It’s whisky buying time again so with money in my pocket I traipsed around the shops looking for some inspiration.

A few bottles took my fancy not least a bottle of Connoisseurs Choice 1982 Elgin but it was £125 so maybe I’ll save up for it. I also noticed the recent winner of the Whisky Fringe 2009 the Port Charlotte PC8, it’s the last of the PC range and the link is for the whole range to give you an idea of what you’re getting should you choose to invest, I’m not really one for buying whisky I have no intention of drinking but the price of these whiskies will only go up and are not bad drinkers should you decide you can’t wait to reap the rewards of keeping it under the pillow for a couple of years.

Okay so on with my selections. First off I took a gamble, the last couple of times I had been in Peckhams I had noticed a Gordon and MacPhail Speymalt from Macallan, the reason it was a gamble was because no one in the shop had ANY idea about it and it was very cheap at £23, now I’m aware Gordon and MacPhail bottles do tend to be a bit cheaper but £23 for a specialist Macallan? Seemed maybe a bit too good to be true. The first thing that strikes you is the colour a rich gold almost like melted Sugar giving the impression that it’s going to knock your socks off. However it’s a much smoother dram than you’d expect with some nice sherry notes some toffee sweets and maybe a bit of buttered toast but I may be turning into a wanker here so I’ll move on. I’ve had a look and not seen much of this on offer from any of the years produced so I think I’m kinda lucky to pick up a bottle to be honest, still if you find one pick it up as it’s well worth the money.

The next choice (I had £60 to spend) was the Springbank 10 yearold, Springbank is a rare drink purely for the fact that all processes from malting to bottling are done on site in the small distillery in Campbelltown all done by the Mitchell Family.

On the nose you get a real blast of smoke and sea salt and the drink does not disappoint at all. The drink itself is wonderful, smoke and what I want to describe as spicy salt or maybe Chinese 5 spice, it’s hard to put my finger on it so any advice would be greatly received as I’m loving this.

I’m going to leave it to Vardar to choose this months Malt of the Malt as now he’s back in the land of the employed and buying whisky again he seems to be really getting a feel for our favorite past time.

The Captain.

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