Blast off

I’ve come to realise that getting more than two people together for a whisky tasting session is akin to organising a meeting with Barack Obama so now when I’m out and about I’ll always try and sample at least a couple of whiskies, just to keep my toe in the water (of life).

I was in Oran Mor and noticed that they had the Auchentoshan 12 year old as their Malt of the Month for only £1.50, now Auchentoshan is nothing exciting but it is a local drink based in Clydebank so I thought I would give it a whirl. As an entry level whisky it’s okay nice enough and very smooth, didn’t really need water but when added a softer aroma came out adding the overall feeling of not much happening.

Next up was my favorite all time whisky the Dalmore Cigar Malt, which I’ve bored you all with before so suffice to say that once again I enjoyed drinking my Christmas cake mix in a glass and we can move on.

Right now onto the serious stuff of the day, I’d long been looking for a bottle of Ardbeg Supernova in a local bar and finally found it, only £3 which brought tears of joy to my eyes as this, let’s remember, is a £80 quid bottle of whisky where you can find it and most places limit you to one or two bottles per customer. This is Ardbegs peatiest monster yet and on the nose the power of peat smoke and crushed black pepper was almost overwhelming, and too be honest I couldn’t really detect much else. The power on the nose is only to be matched by the power on the tongue, a few drops of the whisky neat (58.9%) and I was suffering, a massive hit of smoke and chilli with all that pepper hitting the back of my throat like a sledgehammer, at this stage I added around 25% water and tried again and again another massive hit of smoke, chilli and pepper but this time with just a hint of what I can only describe as matt paint, very odd indeed but there is no other words for it. Even adding more water didn’t really do it for me, this is just too peaty and I failed to detect any of the subtle flavours I’ve read about this drink having. Yeah it’s worth a go if only to really get a sense of what Ardbeg is trying to do and it gives you the chance to really taste something different, rare and exciting in the extreme.

The Captain.

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  1. So Auchentoshan 12 would be an uninspiring MotM for us then. What about the Cragganmore 12, is that worth recommending? Both £5 off at Oddbins at the moment.

    And £4 off Royal Lochnagar 12 as well – Prince Charles's favourite whisky, I'm told, which rather puts me off, but what do I know?


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