Mixing it up

Blends come in all forms, from the cheapest of the cheap to 200 quid blends with 40 year old malts making up part of the mix.

I would personally avoid cheapo blends, I’m talking bog standard cooking whiskies such as Famous Grouse or Bell’s, although there are worse trust me. They use a lot of grain and poor grade malts and of course are produced on an epic scale with no real thought or love put into the process.

The reason I’ve decided to have a wee chat about blends is due to a recent purchase, a bottle of Johnie Walker Green Label, a vatted or Pure Malt which is basically a blended whisky with no grain, and the green label has no malts under 15 years which means even more complexity and a cracking finish.

The main whiskies used are Talisker for the smoke power hit, Linkwood for a bit of fruit and flora, Cragganmore to give some sweetness and Coal Ila to add a bit of peat to the mix, and adding a malt I can’t pronounce always helps.

Whiskies such as this are not cheap with the Green label coming in at around £30 but for half that you can get the Bailie Nicol Jarvie which had more malt than grain and all malts are over 8 years old or the Bell’s Special Pure malt which is only 16 of your hard earned pounds and is well worth a punt.

I’d like to add that I know I’ve mentioned blends before but I’ve always been slightly dismissive and saying how they’re only really for mixing, but you’d be out of your mind to add coke or ginger ale to one of these bad boys, these are whiskies in which true care and attention have be used to create a whisky for every wallet.

I’ve often thought that what puts people off whisky is that the first sip they ever have is acheap rocket fuel blend taken neat, of course, and puts them off for life, sad as there is so much out there for you to try, so give it a go, you know you want too.

Oh and no you can’t have Ice in it, it’s as bad a coke.

The Captain.

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