Changing times

As we all know the Scotch Whisky industry is in trouble, with the huge drinks company Diageo cutting hundreds of jobs in Scotland and moving its bottling plant out of Kilmarnock and Whyte and Mackay cutting over a hundred jobs, times are hard.

The reason why I’m mentioning this is because of all the noise coming out of Holyrood regarding whisky jobs going overseas, well I’m sorry to tell you Mr Salmond and Co but Thousands of jobs already have gone and huge amounts of Scotch are exported for bottling already. What we now have is a bare bones industry in mainly foreign hands who are praying that the emerging whisky drinking countries such as China and India don’t feel the pinch as much as the rest of us, and if they do it’s curtains.

If the Scottish Parliament really wanted to save the industry and jobs in Scotland they could, and all it would entail would be a little disclaimer on any bottle of “Scotch” which says “made and bottled in Scotland” this would create thousands of jobs and perhaps protect the heritage of whiksy in this country as it would force the big guns to either re name their drinks, which they wont, or bring all production back. You may say I’m being narrow minded or even racist but this Scotch Whisky we’re talking about here, hundreds of years of history and a bedrock of the Scottish economy.

Whisky is our biggest export and one of two industries we were famous for, banking being the other, banking has been lost, we can still save our whisky.

The Captain.

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