Whiskey Time

Right I’m doing this on my phone at work so I’ll alter it later with the hyperlinks unless anyone wants to do it for me. [Fat chance – ed.]

The evening was supposed to be a couple of light sherries with a couple of charming ladies from the quiet picturess town of Paisley, however as we were drinking in Chinaskis things took a slightly different slant.

Chinaskis is a superb whiskey with an E bar and have a massive collection of American whiskies as well as rums a go go, prices range from 12 quid a pop for George T Stagg number which I might opt for next time right down to the very reasonable 2.50.

I started the evening with a classic Old rip van winkle which was 3.40 and well gosh, what a drink. Wonderful on the nose all the sweet toffee flavour you expect with a good Bourbon with a woody note to add to the mix, on its own it was a little firey for my own taste but a few drops of water and it was as smooth as you like. People who don’t know Bourbon often put it down and compare it to Scotch which is unfair but I challenge any whisky snob to taste this and not enjoy it. My lady friends also enjoyed this saying how how smooth it was and an easy drinker.

Okay next up I went for Elijah Craig at 3.20 which I took straight with no need for water. Now one thing I will say about American whiskies is that when you’re at the mid level of the market a lot them do kinda taste similar, lots of sweetness and a mellow sticky toffee flavour with a hint of hay burning in the field, nothing wrong with this just the way it is and it was exactly how both this and my final drop Knob Creek tasted, I’m a big fan of both so I’m not knocking them and my charming guests were dancing on the table by this point, a local custom I’m assured, and loved them both.

Right last drink of night, well last spirit anyway, and I opted for a rum and not just any rum but the dark beast of Ron Zacapa 23 yearold a fiver a go and fucking hell did this come at me like a Freddie Flintoff bouncer. It had it all spice, sugar, fire and possibly brimstone, a wonderful dark moody brooding drink, like myself in a glass and by god do I want a bottle of this.

Right that was it dancing happened, fizz happened girls from Paisley happened, it was emotional.

The Captain

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