Update and stuff

Well, it’s been a while, I’ve been both busy and lazy on my days off so apologies all round.

Not much has been happening on the whisky front since our last little gathering although I have bought a bottle of Bell’s, yes Bell’s, Pure Malt Blend which for 16 notes is well worth a punt, lovely and smooth and a great mixer. I’ve also just picked up a bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon whiskey a wonderful sweet sticky drink, great on it’s own in cocktails or with a little water.

Speaking of our American cousins as it’s July we’re going for a bourbon for the whisky of the month, I’m putting up Jim Beam, not because it’s anything mad or exciting but because it’s well priced and an easy drinker.

Please either give bourbon a go or at least have one in a bar without coke, and try not to think of it on the same level as Malt whisky but as a totally different drink something to have in the cabinet alongside your malts.

Okay well that’s it for now, soon we should get together and next time I think we should stick to whisky tasting or it’ll end up a piss up and I wont remember what we drank, again.

The Captain.

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