The 2nd Coming

So here we are, two days after the second meeting of the whisky apocalypse clan for an evening of witty banter and whisky consumption.

I decided that I was going to make a better effort with my selections this time around and start with a smooth choice and move onto to more complex drinks finishing off with cask strength and then some Islay madness.

First off we went for a grain whisky I chose the Glengoyne single grain as it was the only grain they had in, this time we headed up to the Pot Still for a change. I thought it was smooth enough a little vanilla on the palette but kinda boring really, nothing happening at all but it was cheap and it’s always good to try out something different.

Next up came the Glenmorangie Lasanta, this I really enjoyed and went back for another later in the evening but I think I was the only one who thought it was something special, a nice balanced sherry job here, something for sipping after dinner, sweet on the tongue and really rather subtle, clearly not everyone’s cup of tea but hey again I was trying to give people something different, also this was a whisky where you really didn’t need to add water.

Okay, third up was something I knew would be a dram no one had before. My next choice was a 1974 North Port Brechin, which is very hard to find online or anywhere else, it was £5.75 a dram and so hardly the cheap option, this whsiky in the hyperlink is the only one I can find online and not the one we had, it is a wonderful experience drinking something as old as you are yourself and this drink was bonkers. Foolishly I allowed the spirit to hit the back of my throat and nearly fucking died it was so strong but that was a school boy error and the whisky turned out to be amazing, lots of fruit on the nose and in the mouth and so many different flavours I’m ashamed to admit I was lost, the distillery is now closed and the vast majority of the whisky produced went into blends so in a way this was a little bit of history of the boys and myself and I certainly appreciated what I was drinking.

Right now the sissy drinks were out of the way I introduced to the party something I knew would twist faces and fuck me did it twist faces. The Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength is an almighty monster of a dram a full 60% strength and it was allll the whisky. In my own opinion you would drink this either two ways, the first is with no water but only allowing a few drops onto your tongue and more or less allowing the drink to dissolve, this means you more than get the heat but you still get so many complex flavours, the other is to add a lot of water, as much as 50% with both Dominic and Hawk adding much water after the initial brutal first sip, either way it was electric and really good to see water come to the eyes and hairs be burned from the nose, for those who don’t know cask strength whiskies have no water, or anything else, added to them when they come out of the cask, this is how many whiskies were originally produced and are well worth trying out just to see the difference, there is also a cost issue here, a bottle of 40% whisky will go a lot faster than a 60% cask job so you could do well buying a cask strength bottle for the collection.

The last in main event was the Ardbeg 10 yearold, a classic malt and if you want a classic Islay peaty beast then this is your man. I don’t overly like this, all I can taste is fucking medicine and smoke and it has all the subtly of a pitchfork to the face still others seemed to enjoy and I am here but to please.

Right after this session two of our party went off to do something involving lube whilst Webster, dominic and myself retired to the local eatery to indulge in some deep fried madness, then back to the pub.

I was swithering on what to get so first plumped for my personal favorite whisky, the Mortlach 16 yearold is full of sherry and glazed fruit and is another wonderful sipping job and as we were well passed the point of no return I think I could have handed out meths and no one would have minded.

Okay the last whisky of the night, the Auchentoshan three wood, this is a local distillery just outside Glasgow so thought it would be worth a shout and if I’m honest I would like to try this again as there did seem a lot going on but I was missing most of it.

The night continued but not for much longer, People returned from afar bringing new people to talk too and my mind was lost in a whisky funk and a burning desire to eat a kebab, which I duly did and regretted the next day. Anyway that’s it for another month, hopefully our next session will be in around 6 weeks but as ever we’ll have to see.

The Captain.

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